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In this article will will look at the many games like Cards Against Humanity. We will help you discover the best games similar to cards against humanity.

games like Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

What started out as a hidden gem of a party game has now gone full mainstream. Where Sorry, or Monopoly used to be the staples of every young couples game shelves, Cards Against Humanity seems to have taken over.

First published in May 2011, Cards Against Humanity has since gone through many renditions with expansion packs and special editions being released all of the time. The sixth edition was just recently unleashed on the public.

Originally, Cards Against Humanity was just a kickstarter funded by indie board game enthusiasts, but this is far from the current situation. As with anything that blows up so thoroughly, there has been a bit of Cards Against Humanity backlash in the last couple of years.

Whether it is people who have just grown tired of the game, or it is people who have growing concerns over the at-times questionable content on the cards in the game, a lot of board game loving fans are searching for games like Cards Against Humanity to fill the void.

The main draw to Cards Against Humanity was the fact that it brought a lot of people who do not really play board games into the fold of in-person, off-screen gaming. With that in mind, Cards Against Humanity alternatives need to have the same power to draw in groups of friends, and keep them laughing and having fun.

With all of that in mind, there are a few games like Cards Against Humanity to keep you having fun, without the CAH burnout.


Best Games Like Cards Against Humanity

games similar to cards against humanity

Slash: Romance Without Boundaries

This indie game had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, taking its core game idea straight from fan fiction forums, Slash: Romance Without Boundaries takes the fan fic genre of Slash fic to a whole new level.

While games like Cards Against Humanity tend to run in similar circles as the CAH, Slash has carved itself out a nice, nerdy niche thanks to its fan fic roots. In Slash, you are setting out to play matchmaker between fictional characters.

Unlike some games like Cards Against Humanity where you drop a card an remain silent, Slash has you justifying why you think the romance you suggest makes sense. Like CAH, a lot of this game is playing to the judge, so keep your audience in mind when pairing up who would be the best romantic partner for Batman.


Mad Scientist University

Mad Scientist University

Games like Cards Against Humanity do not have to all be as risque or adult as Cards Against Humanity. And Mad Scientist University is one of the best examples of this.

Kid-friendly, and simple to play, MSU plays by the Cards Against Humanity rules where you have a judge – or in this game, an instructor – handing out assignments in a science class, and students picking cards from their hand that best fulfills the assignment.

Unlike Cards Against Humanity, the turn is not done once you throw down a card. Instead, you must come up with a convoluted – and ideally funny – reason for your card being the best solution to the assignment.

Because of the storytelling element involved in the answers, Mad Scientist University is a great party game, but is fun for younger gamers, too.


Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine

One of the newer games like Cards Against Humanity, Bad Medicine has you acting as the aids to a big pharmaceutical business that is trying to come up with brand new cures through new drugs, all while denying the crazy side effects.

The goal of Bad Medicine is to create and advertise these new drugs while downplaying any of the side effects that pop up. Each round a card is placed in the middle of the table. The side effects of this card are what you are trying to cure this round.

Each player then chooses 3 cards from their hand of 7 (one is the name, and two are the descriptions.) Once everyone has “created” their drug, each player make their pitch. While they are pitching, other players pass side effect cards to them that have to be incorporated into the pitch and shrugged off. At the end of the round, everyone votes on whose terrible drug is the best.

What helps make Bad Medicine one of the games like Cards Against Humanity is that the cynicism is half the fun.



Dixit comes with a very unique game play format, but it is still one of the games like Cards Against Humanity despite it relying on a total different part of the brain.

While Cards Against Humanity has carved out a niche as a great game to play near the end of an night when it is time to start winding down, Dixit is the perfect thing to kick off a night of games with.

Like CAH, you pick one card to play from your hand, however, each card is a modernist painting and not a word or phrase. Based on what you see on their card, the judge gives a clue and then everyone else plays a card from their deck based on that clue. After all cards are played, they are shuffled then placed face up and everyone votes on which card was the judge’s.

Matching phrases, or verbal clues to paintings requires players to think a lot more abstract than with other games, but that is half the fun of Dixit.


Snake Oil

Snake Oil

This game is good for people of all ages, which cannot always be said for games like Cards Against Humanity. Similar to Bad Medicine with how it is played, Snake Oil has you building products based on a random combination of cards and trying to pitch it to a judge.

One of the twists to Snake Oil is the judge is playing a character. This means that while Aunt Ruth might pick one thing, she may need to be making her decision playing as a Surfer. The judge’s character helps each player pick how they sell their products as much as the cards they are dealt do.

While the game may sound simple enough, it can get really interesting and fun. Snake Oil even won a MENSA Select Award back in 2012.


similar games to cards against humanity

Love 2 Hate

Games like Cards Against Humanity do not always try and shy away from what caused CAH to undergo some bad publicity, and Love 2 Hate is one of those games. Setting up shop in Card Against Humanity’s realm of funny-because-it’s-inappropriate humour, Love 2 Hate manages to avoid the offensive nature that got CAH into a lot of hot water.

Like Cards Against Humanity, Love 2 Hate has you playing cards that will please a specific judge.

However, you are doing so while trying to complete the judge’s sentence. For example, the judge will draw a card that says Hipsters, and you will have to complete their sentence based on how they feel about hipsters.

Does this judge love or hate what they drew? You have to make a call, and play a phrase that you think will line up with their ideals. Be realistic, absurd, or just plain silly, there are endless options.


say anything

Say Anything

If there is one thing that rings true though a lot of the games like Cards Against Humanity, it has to be their ability to unite a group and really foster a sense of bonding and friendship. And, when it comes to building a bond, Say Anything might rival Cards Against Humanity.

In Say Anything, the judge selects a card with a question on it – rather than a single word or phrase – and each player must write down what they think the judges answer would be. After each player reveals their answer, the judge chooses their favourite. However, before the judge says which answer they chose, each player votes which answer they think the judge will pick. This way, multiple points are given out each turn.

Questions may be things like “What is the most romantic song ever?” and answers can be serious, silly, or crazy – whatever you think will get the judges vote!


What Do You Meme game

What Do You Meme

Marketed as an adult party game for meme-lovers, What Do You Meme is a game that can thank Cards Against Humanity directly for its existence.

Similar to other games like Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme has a judge drawing a card and then selecting the best answer from cards played by the other players. However, with What Do You Meme, players are not trying to match cards to a word or phrase. Instead, the judge reveals a meme card, and the players need to play cards that best finish off the visual of the meme.


Red Flags card game

Red Flags

Games like Cards Against Humanity tend to have the same raunchy humour connecting them all, and Red Flags is no different.

Like Slash, Red Flags is a version of a dating game. Only here you are not setting up fictional characters, you are setting up the judge, or in the game’s words, The Single.

Players draw two cards from their hand in order to create the perfect proposal to The Single. These cards have positive attributes on them such as “is the most beautiful person you’ve met” or “is the richest person in the world.”

After these positives are played, each player gives a red flag card to the player on their left. These red flags are added to the proposal, and the judge now picks which prospect is the right match for them. Or, which red flags they can overlook.

While other games like Cards Against Humanity have you trying to play to a judges sense of humour, Red Flags has you trying to play on their pet peeves and annoyances.




Who doesn’t love pun humor?

This entry into games like Cards Against Humanity finds its roots in the Punderdome 3000 competition based out of Brooklyn, and it sees players competing to come up with the best possible pun they can within 90 seconds based on randomly drawn cards.

After the players craft their perfectly worded puns, the judge picks their favorite, and then there is a lightning round. The lightning round sees players trying to answer a question with puns. Each question card has a suggested answer provided, but any answer will do … even if the puns are groan-worthy. (They will be!)


games like Cards Against Humanity

Spank The Yeti

Spank the Yeti shares a common thread with a lot of games like Cards Against Humanity, which is it was a Kickstarter success story. While Spank the Yeti can be just as vulgar as Cards Against Humanity, it does no suffer the same issues of diminished replayability as CAH.

From the same team that brought you Schmovie, Spank the Yeti is a variation of the old game Fuck, Marry, Kill. The game has one deck of actions such as “suckle the teat of;” a deck of targets, like “The Harlem Globetrotters.”

Each round a player will play three action cards and three target cards, The judge then places a letter to each card pairing up actions with targets, all while the other players guess which pairs the judge will make. Points are given out based on how well you guess the matches.


apples to apples

Apples to Apples

It might not be fair to qualify Apples to Apples on a list of games like Cards Against Humanity, because CAH is more of a game like Apples to Apples. Published by Mattel, Apples to Apples is a family friendly game that played exactly like Cards Against Humanity, only it is clean.

While there are different versions of this game (Sour Apples to Apples is a popular one) this is a perfect games like Cards Against Humanity for bringing over to grandma’s house for a night of family-friendly board games.



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