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In this post you will discover the top GoFundMe alternatives.

Everyone sometimes needs help funding a project or a cause. With sites like GoFundMe, you can reach out to society for help raising that money.

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GoFundMe launched in 2010 and has quickly grown into being the largest social media platform when it comes to fundraising. Since it began, GoFundMe projects have raised over $5 billion and counting divided among a society of well over 50 million users and donors.

One of the things that has helped GoFundMe raise to its position as a top social fundraising site is the fact that it allows you to create mobile-friendly campaigns, as well as its easy-to-use mobile app.

However, there are other features that lift it above some of the GoFundMe alternatives. With GoFundMe, there are no penalties for missing your donation goals.

There are also no deadlines or goal requirements in place to restrict your campaign, or fundraiser.

While GoFundMe may be one of the giants in the online world of social fundraising, there are plenty of GoFundMe alternatives.

Here is a look at a few of the best GoFundMe Alternatives for your social crowdfunding needs:



When it comes to finding a GoFundMe alternative that is perfect for crowdfunding for personal goals, projects, events, or even nonprofits, Fundly holds its own.

Much like with GoFundMe, Fundly has a system in place – they call it the Keep It All system – that allows you to keep all of the funds raised whether you meet your goals or not. This means they even if you set your goals a little too high, you can still keep any donations made (once fees are paid, of course.)

The thing that makes Fundly stand out as a good GoFundMe alternative is that it allows you to create fully-customized pages for your crowdfunding campaigns. This allows you to tell your own story and keep donors up-to-date with pictures, videos, and blogs shared across all social media platforms.

Fundly’s pricing is set up to for a standard charge of 4.9 percent for platform fees. However, there is also a 2.9 percent credit card processing fee, as well as a charge of 30 cents per every transaction.



As far as GoFundMe alternatives go, HoneyFund is the perfect alternative for a specific niche. Created specifically to help fund honeymoons and weddings using crowdfunding, HoneyFund is perfect for newly engaged couples to reach out and connect with folks looking to help.

HoneyFund allows you gather online donations as well as add your gift registry to the site. This is meant to help you pay for your wedding, honeymoon, and everything else involved with the busy, expensive process (down payments, fees, etc.)

This GoFundMe alternative has a credit card processing fee of 2.8 percent as well as 30 cents per every transaction.

However, this crowd-funding site has a premium package known as their “Elite service” which can be purchased for a fee of $39.99.



Crowdrise is one of the better GoFundMe alternatives that allows you to create personalized, creative crowdfunding pages for almost any kind of fundraiser you can think of. Like GoFundMe, this alternative crowd-funding site uses a Keep It All method of raising money which allows you to keep all of the money donated to your cause with no deadline restrictions. With Crowdrise, up to 97 percent of the funds you raise go directly to your cause, whether you reach your original goal or not.

Some people may be wary of using using GoFundMe alternatives, but Crowdrise has a solid reputation having teamed up with notable and trusted charities and nonprofit organizations in the past, as well as public figures and some for-profit organizations. Because of this, you can trust that Crowdrise is secure, and has a well-trained team of tech support staff to help you through any issues with your campaign or donation process.

Each transaction with Crowdrise comes with a 5.9 percent fee, as well as a credit card fee of 2.9 percent (with a 30 cent transaction fee.) However, what sets Crowdrise apart from a lot of other GoFundMe alternatives is the feature that allows donors to choose to cover all of these costs as part of their donation – which a lot of the donors to Crowdrise causes do choose to do.



Bonfire is interesting when it comes to the world of GoFundMe Alternatives, because they put their own twist on the whole crowdfunding platform by offering high quality shirts as part of your brand, event, or charities awareness campaign.

While selling shirts as part of your awareness campaign can sound intimidating, Bonfire makes it a simple process. With plenty of different styles, sizes, colors, and professional designs available, it is easy to give your fundraiser its very own customized look.

Bonfire also has a simple shirt designer, so you do not have to have any experience in graphic design in order to walk away with a high quality shirt that looks like a professional designer came up with it.

While Bonfire allows you to spread awareness and gain funds by selling your shirts, this GoFundMe alternative also allows those purchasing the shirts to add additional donations to the price of the shirts.

Bonfire has a pretty low baseline cost for each of their shirts. You should take this into account before you can get an accurate read of what your fundraising goals will be. Bonfire charges an additional 8 percent fee for each donation on top of this fee.

Deposit a Gift

Deposit a Gift

Deposit a Gift is one of the best GoFundMe alternatives for run-of-the-mill fundraising. However, where this crowdfunding site really sets itself apart is when it comes down to gift registry funding and project fundraising.

With Deposit a Gift’s unique fundraisers’ pages, you can set up your own customized page that shows where your donors may donate.

You can even leave a note of support or praise and people can even contact you directly for more information or opportunities.

This community board feature makes Deposit a Gift one of the easiest GoFundMe alternatives for keeping all of your supporters completely up-to-date on your project or event. Each page has its own space dedicated to project updates, recent activity, and even an eye-catching, easy-to-read thermometer image that helps keep track of your projects funding goals and progress.

Depending on your specific goals, Deposit a Gift has differing plans available. One of the most popular plans is the pay-as-you-go plan which costs campaigns about 2-5 percent of each donated dollar.



Razoo, like a lot of GoFundMe alternatives, was set up with the goal in mind of helping individuals. It is also great for teams, and even organizations reach their fundraising goals through the power of crowdfunding.

This GoFundMe alternative helps empower your fundraising efforts. Since Razoo allows you to set up both an individual page, as well as a page for a team or an organization, your efforts get multiplied. You can do this by having as many people contribute to one cause as possible.

Razoo makes fundraising as a team or group easier to do, and to track, which makes this the ideal alternative for teams, or groups.

With a 4.9 percent flat fee, your will need to adjust your fundraising goals to adjust. There is also a 2 percent credit card processing fee, as well as a 30 cent charge per credit card transaction.



GoFundMe alternatives do not necessarily have to be lesser-known sites or platforms, and this is maybe seen nowhere more than with projects funded on Kickstarter. This GoFundMe alternative is one of the world’s largest and most used tools for crowdfunding projects online.

Not only does Kickstarter allow you to set up a personalized page for telling the world about your project and asking them for donations, but your Kickstarter page also allows you to show off the finished project after all of the donations have flooded in.

One of the downsides to Kickstarter is that the projects only get the donated money if they reach their funding goals.

This is know as the All-or-Nothing model.

While this may seem like a downside, it’s not. You can use it as a very strong motivational tool. It motivates the ones making the fundraiser and those looking to donate their money to a project that is in need of funding.

With plenty of built-in tools, Kickstarter can help make your crowdfunding campaign pop, even if it’s the first one you have ever launched.

Like many GoFundMe alternatives, Kickstarter has a 3 percent processing fee, as well as a 20 cent fee per pledge. However, Kickstarter only takes 5 percent of the total funds of a completed project.



Indiegogo is perfect for creative projects or entrepreneurial pursuits. It has a unique aspect that allows people to sell their products on the site’s own marketplace if they receive all their funding.

As an All-or-Nothing crowdfunding site, Indiegogo is a good GoFundMe alternative. It is especially good for those with a knack for selling, and a lot of drive for making sure they meet their goals.

Much like GoFundMe, Indiegogo has a lot of social media sharing tools built into its platform. These help make sharing your campaign and all its updates a breeze.

Indiegogo makes it easy for you to raise money because their project pages look professional and thoughtfully laid out.

This is true even if you advertise your campaign on your own social media feeds. It also holds true if you advertise on your specific campaign page.

Indiegogo has a mobile app that allows you to control you campaign from anywhere at any time. This is missing in a few GoFundMe alternatives.

Indiegogo has a 5 percent charge for platform fees. Depending on which payment method the donations are made by, there could be transaction fees from anywhere between 3 and 5 percent.



This GoFundMe alternative’s main purpose is to help those who need a hand with costly medical expenses, or hospital bills.

GiveForward allows you to set up funding goals in order to raise a certain amount of money. However, it also allows you to create wishlists which consist of items that you need the money to purchase. This can be something like diapers, clothing, or even medical supplies.

While GiveForward gives people a platform to help folks in need by donating money. It also has community boards which allows people to leave messages, coordinate help, or even take care of meals.

It is this social media interaction on the site that helps set it apart from other GoFundMe alternatives. From posting inspirational messages or videos with a donation to sharing their own success stories, campaigns run on GiveForward never lose sight of the human element in crowdfunding.

There are some transaction fees on GiveForward. Yet, the site’s main purpose is to make it cost as little as possible to run a campaign. This means a lot of donors cover the fees as part of their donation.

pursuit fundraising


Pursuit is unique among GoFundMe alternatives. This is because its main purpose is to help amateur athletes raise money. Athletes raise money for tournament entry fees, equipment costs, training, and other expenses.

There is no need to be a marketing major to make your Pursuit campaign a successful one. This is because this GoFundMe alternative has an online playbook. This playbook helps you through the process of setting up your campaign.

The playbook takes a lot of the guesswork out of online crowdfunding. This is especially helpful if you’re setting up an effective campaign. It even help by guiding you on how to go about asking for donations.

Pursuit can be the perfect partner for athletes. Especially those who need that little extra boost to move forward with their athletic goals and dreams.

A campaign on Pursuit is free to start, however, there are fees once you start running a live campaign. Pursuit offers rewards to campaigns that reach funding milestones, which adds some incentive. (They do not charge fees on these rewards.)

If you are looking for great alternatives to Go Fund Me, any of these sites would be an excellent choice!

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