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alternatives to Jungle Scout

In this article we are going to look at the top sites that provide a Jungle Scout alternative.


Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is one of the best programs for Amazon sales professionals.

The software can work as a profit advisor. It helps to check price, sales data, conversion rates and profits.

This can help you manage your Amazon business easier than ever before.

Jungle Scout is one of the best ways that you can profit from any type of Amazon store.

It takes away any of the guesswork in research that often goes into the process of listing products.

Their web app and a chrome extension make it easy to insights into products listed on Amazon.

It can ever help you find the most profitable products online.

Jungle Scout also comes with many other features. These include webinars, tactics and strategies.

This extra features can help you get better profits in your Amazon business.

There are many Amazon sellers who only use of Jungle Scout for product research.

Through our ongoing research, we can help you to find the best tools available right now.

Jungle Scout is that it is often used in niches which have a very high demand. This is one of the biggest complaints by other users.

This could mean that as an Amazon seller you may only find products which are very competitive.

Breaking into the market with your own products could prove difficult with anything but a Jungle Scout alternative.

There may be a Jungle Scout alternative that offers similar features for less money.

We will look at this below.

Top Programs Available As A Jungle Scout Alternative:



Like Jungle Scout, ASINspector can help you to improve your return on investment

It allows to search for products by performing product research in your browser.

It is one of the most popular Jungle Scout alternative programs on the market right now.

In most cases it can return any extensive reporting data in less than 5 minutes.

This is even on high competition products throughout the Amazon marketplace.

ASINspector also comes with extra features. These can be used on mobile devices. This includes a mobile scan for price comparison, and the best category picking.

It also works for product sourcing from other sites like eBay and Alibaba.

ASINspector has an idea generator that can also help you find better keywords and descriptions on Amazon.

This program can be quite beneficial and it is available with a 100% risk-free guarantee.




This is another program that can handle many of the top features that you would receive on Jungle Scout.

Amachete does have great accuracy especially if you are searching in North America.

The program does have some variance in its accuracy when you start to change to a different geographic location.

Searching international Amazon stores is not always easy using this program.

As an added bonus, this Jungle Scout alternative does come with a chrome extension and a web app.

This provides a product database ensuring that it can work in much the same way that Jungle Scout does.

There’s very little need for product training or an extensive learning curve with this product.



Scope is a wonderful product for performing Amazon keyword research.

It can help to improve your listings through SEO and comparing products all on the same platform.

For the most part the entire program works with seller labs and operates on a main webpage.

Scope doesn’t have all the same features that you can expect to find in Jungle Scout. Yet, as a Jungle Scout alternative for listing tools it can be quite beneficial.

The company has a long track record. It has been around since 2014 and it offers some of the most reasonable costs for service.


AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout:

AMZ Scout is one of the best Jungle Scout alternative programs that’s available right now. It comes with a chrome extension as well as a wide selection of free tools.

With 50,000 current users the program, it has a good track record. Plus it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This allows you the chance to join in for a trial program.

Currently AMZ Scout can search over eight different Amazon marketplaces.

It can deliver instant access to full sales data for almost unlimited numbers of products.

It also comes with an FBA fee calculator as well as the Amazon product tools. This can help to make the AMZ Scout one of the easiest price comparison tools that’s available on the market.

Tracking competition and staying up to date within your market is easy with AMZ Scout as a Jungle Scout alternative.



This tool first got started as “keyword inspector”. It’s now know as KIPRT.

It can help with the process of finding Amazon listings.

Since it’s beginning, KIPRT can help Amazon sellers to generate results using many effective tools.

Reverse ASIN keyword tools look up and list a variety of products. It also checks ROI and competition stats.

The keyword database tools are some of the best available online.

The program will actually search through thousands of Amazon sellers to find the best keywords.

Demos are available for this Jungle Scout alternative. It’s generally cited as a key to success for many amazon sales professionals.

Cash Cow pro

Cash Cow:

Cash Cow pro is one of the best Amazon software tools for keyword tracking, understanding profits and more.

The automatic reporting and inventory monitoring is some of the best on the market.

Cash cow may not be quite as accurate as Jungle Scout. It can delivery some of the finest in auto listing optimization tools online.

For listing many Amazon storefront items, Cash cow can help to get accurate pricing information. It also finds product description and works well for optimization too. The program is an excellent Jungle Scout alternative and also has a free trial to help users get started.

Unicorn smasher jungle scout alternative

Unicorn smasher:

The unicorn smasher is a completely free tool that works as an Amazon tracker. The goal of unicorn smasher is to provide a great product that you can use for listings across the Amazon marketplace.

As a free tool it is possible to access and download this item at any time.

The comprehensive data that’s available here makes it simple to view pricing information. You can also get accurate sales information on almost any item.

Unicorn smasher is one of the best free Jungle Scout alternative programs that’s available for download.

It doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of features. Considering it’s free to use, this can be a great way to get an advantage on amazon.

AMZ shark

AMZ shark:

AMZ shark doesn’t handle the process of actual sales estimates for ROI. What it does do is provide sales tracking over time.

This works as a Jungle Scout alternative. It can provide up-to-the-minute reporting on many Amazon storefront items.

It can be difficult to pick a price point for the best return on investment. Even so, AMZ shark does give you all the research data that you need as an Amazon seller to start noticing trends in data.

The first month of this program is reasonable. The pricing for all the valuable data that you can use is even more reasonable. When you consider that it’s available for each of the international Amazon marketplaces, it’s a great value.

AMZ shark offers a full suite of Amazon tools they can help you with examining the data, generating keywords and more.

AMZ space

AMZ space:

Here is a Jungle Scout alternative called AMZ space.

This program does not cover the process of accurate price point setting but rather ongoing reporting.

This does come with a profit calculator as well as a series of ongoing reports on a particular item.

It can sort through data. It makes it easy to manage and help you to create informed decisions to speed up Amazon sales.

The onboard keyword details and research tools ensure you can produce accurate results for your listings.

Signing up and using this program is completely free. With the reporting data that’s on board this is a formidable Jungle Scout alternative.

If you are serious about improving your Amazon sales this may be the tool for you.


These Jungle Scout alternatives could be an excellent way that you can get access to the cheapest in tools that are available for your amazon success.

Using any one of these tools could also help you to get access to better solutions for your return on investment from Amazon.

Jungle Scout is an excellent program but there are definitely some other alternatives that you can use to see new features and to experience some cost savings!

Even though there are many alternatives to Jungle Scout, we still believe Jungle Scout is the best.

Jungle Scout is the premier Amazon seller software on the market. There is nothing better when it comes to the features and accuracy provided.


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